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Healthy Baby Club

The goal of the Burin Peninsula Healthy Baby Club is to promote the healthiest possible outcomes for each mother and baby. The Healthy Baby Club provides prenatal information, as well as nutritional, social, practical, and other help.


The Healthy Baby Club is built on the belief that each pregnant woman in the program wants to do what’s best for her baby and herself.

The Healthy Baby Club supports the pregnant mom by offering:

• Peer support

• Home Visiting by a Resource Mother

• Creative and flexible childbirth education and support

• Group sessions

• Breastfeeding information and support

• Nutrition education, including cooking sessions

• Daily food supplements (milk, eggs, and oranges)

• Follow up activities after birth

• Broad community support

• A non-judgemental environment

Following her time in the Healthy Baby Club we encourage the mom to continue on into other programs within our Family Resource Centers, such as Baby and Me, Small Wonders, and other drop in programs as her child grows.


We have Healthy Baby Clubs across the Burin Peninsula.

Family and friends are welcome.

Services are free and confidential.

Transportation is available when necessary.

If you are pregnant and would like information about our Healthy Baby Club, please call.

This program is offered on a year-round basis at Burin Peninsula Brighter Futures.